For companies and authorities only - no distribution to private persons!

Tiger tools


The download of Tiger-BASIC contains an executable installation program that installs the complete Version of the Tiger-BASIC IDE on your computer, including all drivers, example programs, libraries, documentation etc.

Without entering a valid license code the Tiger-BASIC installation runs as Lite Version and is limited to compiling a maximum of 5,000 code lines. By entering a valid license code during installation or later this limit can be removed and the Tiger-BASIC installation converted to the full version.

The Lite Version of the Tiger-BASIC IDE is sufficient for most projects. Should you nevertheless reach the limit of 5,000 code lines (e.g. when using the Tiger Graphic Library), you can at any time purchase the full version (license). Serial numbers purchased with older versions remain valid and can be used for most recent version of the Tiger-BASIC IDE.

Tiger Downloader

The Tiger Downloader v3 consists of an executable installation program that only installs the Tiger Downloader on your computer. This is a newly developed, improved and modern version of the Tiger Downloader. This allows compiled Tiger BASIC programs to be transferred to a Tiger module without the need for the complete IDE or source code. Here you will find the manual for the Tiger Downloader.