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Development Kits

A large variety of different introductory and development systems from the world of Basic-Tiger™. Everything you could possibly need for your entry. From the easy Starter Kit (for a particular application) to the professional development system (for all applications), there is a matching kit for every need.


Products - Development Kits

Tiny Tiger 2™ Starterkit (Pro)

Tiny Tiger 2 Development Board including Multitasking Controller TINY-Tiger 2, Power Supply 115/230V, PDF- Manuals with lots of program examples, Tiger-BASIC 5.4 IDE for Windows.

1pc net: 387 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 460,53 €


TINY-Tiger™ Starter-Kit

The TINY-Tiger™ Starter Kit is the basic package to program BASIC-Tiger™ or TINY-Tiger™ modules. The software accepts a maximum of 2000 code lines.

1pc net: 199 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 236,81 €


Tiger-BASIC™ IDE, software for your success

Integrated Development Environment IDE

Tiger-BASIC™ IDE, with more functions, device drivers and online help for shortest development times.

Three comprehensive english manuals, 1750 pages, numerous graphics, schematics and tables.

The Tiger-BASIC IDE includes the functions to edit, compile, source-level debug and download and is designed for Windows systems Win98 or above. With its clear definitions, the Tiger-BASIC IDE enables short development time.

The compiler supports the full Tiger-BASIC language (BASIC-Tiger Manual #1) as well as pseudo codes for controlling the compilation process.

Tiger-BASIC programs can have

  • unlimited length
  • unlimited number of variables
  • unlimited number of subroutines
  • unlimited number of symbols

Only the available memory in the module used sets the limits. Typical values for possible program length:

  • 512kb FLASH : ca. 5000 ... 20.000 BASIC codelines
  • 2MB FLASH : ca. 25.000 ... 100.000 BASIC codelines
  • 4MB FLASH : ca. 50.000 ... 200.000 BASIC codelines


The compiler creates highly stable, compact and fast-runnning code. The compiled runtime code can be debugged directly in the BASIC-Tiger module - when you have the source code available. Without original source code the modules gives no debug informationen whatsoever. A Tiger-BASIC program can generally not be read from the module and thus offers reliable protection against reverse engineering attempts and unauthorized copies.

1pc net: 296,31 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 352,61 €


BASIC-Tiger™ Manuals

Tiger-BASIC™ 5.2, with more functions, device drivers and online help for shortest development times.

1pc net: 99 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 105,93 €


TP1000 Starterkit

Increase the value of your projects and products while saving money. Actually touchpanel solutions are even more profitable than conventional text-lcd + keyboard solutions with a higher rating for the final product at the same time.

1pc net: 674 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 802,06 €