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Products - Various

Here you will find an overview over the products that are no longer produced by us. In parts there still exist some remaining items that are available. Please contact us as needed to find out whether the product is still available or to learn which product can be used as a substitute. 



BASIC-Briefmarke I A

A complete Single Board Computer with a size of only 25 x 43 mm ist the BASIC-Briefmarke I A. It features 8 universal I/Os that drive up to 25mA directly and is pluggable through a 12-pin header connector. The Die power supply is either 5V or 7...15V. Die BASIC-Briefmarke I A is programmed through the PCs parallel port into EEPROM as often as desired.


BASIC-Briefmarke II H

The BASIC-Briefmarke II H is a powerful Single Board Computer at a low price. At a board size of only 43 x 23 mm the BASIC-Briefmarke II H has additional characteristics.


BASIC-Briefmarke II P

The BASIC-Briefmarke II P is the smallest BASIC-Briefmarke with the BASIC-Briefmarke II Chip. Its board size matches the size of a standard DIP-24 IC (30 x 15 mm).


TEC - Modulare Eurocard Steuercomputer

Card Control Computers: The flexible solution for a wide range of control tasks in industrial applications. TEC Euro Card Computer are used where adaptability, good value for money and high reliability are demanded.


TEC-1000 CPU Board

The TEC-1000 Board has a standard VG64m bus connector for controlling up to 32 expansion modules and up to 4096 I/O channels. For a likewise possible stand-alone operation the board has 4 mounting holes 3mm.


TEC-1100 I/O Erweiterungs-Board

The TEC 1100 is an I/O expansion board with 2 module sockets for 32 digital inputs or outputs each, so together up to 64 I/O lines per board.


TEC-1150 I/O Erweiterungs-Board

The TEC 1150 is an I/O expansion board with 2 module sockets for 64 digital inputs or outputs each, so together up to 128 I/O lines per board.


TEC-1900 Universal Prototyping Board

I/O expansion board in Euro Card format for the TEC system. It can be used as basis for prototypes and small series with customer specific I/O channels. For this prepared components are available that allow a fast build-up and simple integration of analog and digital channels.


TEC-2020 Bus-Extender

The TEC bus extender leads all 96 bus lines 1:1 from a VG96f bus connector about 36 cm to the front to the same VG96f connector. Two stable slide rails with spring-loaded lock and ejection levers keep inserted Euro Boards reliably and allow simple insertion / ejection.


TEC-2200 Terminal Unit

Compact terminal unit for text output and simple graphics with 24 data input keys. Aluminum front panel for 19” module racks and system chassis, 3 units of height.