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Tools & Accessories

Prototyping Boards as basic circuit boards for your own developments, adapters for modules or memory cards, access wires, special connectors and further accessories for your developments can be found in this category.


Products - Tools

TINY-Tiger™ Prototyping Board

The board is immediately operational and can be used for development of projects with TINY-Tiger™ and also directly for your applications.

1pc net: 85 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 101,15 €


BASIC-Tiger™ Prototyping Board

Multilayer prototyping board in european standard size (100 x 160 mm) for quick solutions without board development.

1pc net: 149 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 177,31 €


Connector set TP3000

Connector set TP3000. Counterparts for connectors on PCB.

1pc net: 18,60 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 22,13 €


Connector set TDR5000

Connector set TDR5000. Counterparts for connectors on PCB.

1pc net: 55,50 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 66,05 €


Connector set TP1000

Connector set TP1000. Counterparts for connectors on PCB.

1pc net: 11,70 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 13,92 €


Connector set TDR1020

Connector set TDR1020. Counterparts for connectors on PCB.

1pc net: 19,50 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 23,21 €