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Single Board Computers

The Single Board Computer – Large capacity at a small price. Small (up to 8x8 cm), immediately deployable circuit boards with various I/O- and interface configurations as well as connection possibilities for a text LCD. The motto here is fast and easy!


Products - Single Board Computers

SBC 3010

This powerful single board computer in Matchbox format of 6 x 6 cm offers a lot of application possibilities for your projects.

1pc net: 104 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 120,64 €


SBC 3060

This Single Board Computer is based on the High Speed Multitasking Controller ECONO-Tiger.

1pc net: 124 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 143,84 €


SBC 4010

Excellent valued compact control board for device and machine control and smaller automation projects.

1pc net: 164 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 190,24 €


SBC 4020

The SBC 4020 expands the existing Single Board Computer family with a powerful digital based SBC.

1pc net: 174 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 201,84 €