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EP20 - Universal Modul Opto-In, OC-Out, A/D-In

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The multitasking computers of the BASIC-Tiger™ family already possess a number of I/O lines inside the module. If that is not enough, the I/O structure can be expanded almost without limit. For this a series of I/O expansion modules with digital and analog channels are available.

I/O expansion modules are connected through an 8-bit bus and get an individual address. In that way up to 4,096 channels can be integrated into one system. On software side the access of external I/O channels is as simple as when addressing internal I/O channels. For this the xPort system as well as adjusted device drivers are available.

The xPort expansion structure also is fully compatible to the I/O expansions of board level products, which are single board computers of the SBC series and EuroCard computern (TEC series).