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Tiger-BASIC™ IDE, software for your success

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Tiger Basic lite / full version and Tiger Graphic Library


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  • Commonly known BASIC syntax and instructions
  • Fast running, highly stable runtime code
  • Multitasking: up to 32 BASIC tasks + 64 system tasks simultaneously
  • Subroutines with / without arguments, free nesting depth, dynamic, local variables, reentrant
  • Device drivers for powerful interfacing with minimum hardware requiremment
  • Comprehensive function library
  • Variable types: BYTE, WORD, LONG, REAL (double precision), STRING, ARRAY of type, FIFO of type
  • LASH DATA areas with compile-time data and run-time write/read/erase funct.

In addition:

  • Contained in the Tiger-BASIC IDE are also hundreds of sample programs and applications for quick reference experiences, illustrating directly the use of special functions and techniques. All samples and applications coming in source code with the IDE are free for use in your own projects
  • New functions, device drivers and IDE versions are free of cost available through web, e-mail and on disk
  • For all technical questions concerning software, computer, tools and applications in connection with the BASIC-Tiger the Tiger Support Team is there to help you free of charge
  • The support team can be reached by email, fax, phone, mail/parcel services ... or you can visit us
  • Individual product training (1...3 days) with focussing on customer projects is available
  • The design department takes over software- or hardware projects with BASIC-Tiger following your specifications
  • All documentation, books and schematics are available to you in printed form and as PDF

Your questions, requests and criticism are always welcome. When you are interested in using this product for your projects, get a consultation, request a kit or ask for demo units or a personal conversation.