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ECONO-Tiger™ Multitasking Computer

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BASIC-Tiger, TINY-Tiger and Econo-Tiger in the 3rd generation

  • same Mechanic – size, dimension, pitch
  • 1:1 pin compatible
  • 5.0V VCC
  • I/Os 5V tolerant, 3.3V outputs, LVTTL-compatible. Ref. datasheets of the Tiger plus
  • Analog-Inputs 0..5V as before
  • Software: Highly Source-Code compatible. Recompile with new IDE needed.
  • Speed of signals: Highly compatible – bus-access-timings, shift-in, shift-out, timings etc.



  • ca. 28 x 39 x 10 mm, 28 pins, ca. 20g
  • Power consumption: 4.7...5.5V / 50mA -
  • Power-on reset internal + reset input
  • 24 universal I/O lines
  • 2 serial channels with TTL level
  • 4 AD channels 10 bit, internal Vref = 5V from power supply
  • 128 / 512 KByte Static-RAM

The size of the data FLASH area automatically results from the FLASH area not used for storing the program.

Econo-Tigers™ are used when low costs are very important and yet the advantages of the BASIC-Tiger™ family are required:

  • Highly stable multitasking system
  • Fast running code
  • Comfortable drivers and functions
  • Shortest development times
  • In-field updates
  • Easy expansion and maintainance of projects

As development platform all offered kits, from the Starter Kit to the Development Kit Professional, can be used. By using an adapter, the Econo-Tiger™ can be operated in sockets for TINY-Tiger™ or BASIC-Tiger™ modules.

It is recommended to choose an ENN-4/4 module (512 kByte FLASH + 512 kByte SRAM) or the TCN-4/4 for development. So it is ensured that you have the maximum memory for this module family available and when you bring your product into series, you use the appropriate type with the memory configuration you really need.