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TINY-Tiger™ Multitasking Computer

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BASIC-Tiger, TINY-Tiger and Econo-Tiger in the 3rd generation

  • same Mechanic – size, dimension, pitch
  • 1:1 pin compatible
  • 5.0V VCC
  • I/Os 5V tolerant, 3.3V outputs, LVTTL-compatible. Ref. datasheets of the Tiger plus
  • Analog-Inputs 0..5V as before
  • Software: Highly Source-Code compatible. Recompile with new IDE needed.
  • Speed of signals: Highly compatible – bus-access-timings, shift-in, shift-out, timings etc.



  • ca. 28 x 60 x 11 mm, 44-pin, ca. 28g
  • 36 universal I/O lines
  • up to 512 KB SRAM, up to 2 MB FLASH
  • Realtime clock (TCN modules) with alarm / wakeup output, backup battery input
  • 4 AD channels: Vref external (3.5...5V)
  • 2 PWM outputs (6, 7 or 8 bit)
  • 4.7...5.5V / 50mA
  • Operating temperature: -20°C...+80°C

The TINY-Tigers™ have the all the advantages of the complete BASIC-Tiger™ family:

  • Highly stable multitasking system
  • Fast running code
  • Comfortable drivers and functions
  • Shortest development times
  • In-field updates
  • Simple expansion and maintenance of comprehensive projects
  • Booting in a fraction of a second


  • No royalties
  • No costs for runtime libraries or operating system
  • Free support
  • Free updates and drivers
  • Free technical support for all software and hardware questions



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TINY-Tiger™ Starter-Kit

The TINY-Tiger™ Starter Kit is the basic package to program BASIC-Tiger™ or TINY-Tiger™ modules. The software accepts a maximum of 2000 code lines.

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