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Computer Modules

Powerful, robust multitasking computers for industrial applications. Fast, strong, flexible. Employable to your particular needs, programmable in easy to learn BASIC for shorter development periods.




Products - Computer Modules

TINY-Tiger™ 2 Multitasking Computer

Second generation of Tiny Tiger™ Multitasking Computer - the turbo for your projects.

1pc net: 149 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 177,31 €


ECONO-Tiger™ Multitasking Computer

The smallest computer of the BASIC-Tiger™ family with full multitasking comfort and enough memory for programs with with thousand of lines of code (with 512 KB FLASH).

1pc net: 69 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 82,11 €


TINY-Tiger™ Multitasking Computer

TINY-Tiger™, the smaller version of the BASIC-Tiger™. Full multitasking power, the same comfort in programming, source level debugging and updating as well as many universal I/Os characterize this module series at a 40% smaller size.

1pc net: 129 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 153,51 €


BASIC-Tiger™ Multitasking Computer

BASIC-Tiger™ Mikrocontroller in construction "A", witch supports the most features and options.

1pc net: 139 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 165,41 €


BASIC-Tiger™ CAN-Bus Modul

BASIC-Tiger™ Multitasking Computer with integrated CAN-Bus. Reliability, easy assembly and low costs have made the CAN-Bus a wide-spread standard in industry and car technology.

1pc net: 169 €    Graduated Prices
1pc gross: 201,11 €